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XXXmas and New Year Gigs

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Hogchoker are back in Shanghai and back in action! Three gigs coming up before 2023 for you to shake yer booty and punch the air to - as Yack Magazine put it earlier this year, "Hogchoker is punk poetry, essential reading for the intellectual punk who wants to pogo into the pit with one hand punching the sky to the raucous rhythm, while the other flips through the communist manifesto". Living in China has made us more dissident than communist, but there will be lots of pogo and sky punching!

The Eve of Christmas Eve, our famous, annual Christmas Extravaganza where we invite Shanghai's best bands to play with us will this year be an XXXmas Special on 23 Dec at Insight Lounge with Trash Panda, RayDio Band, Full Throttle, DJ BO and special guests.

Friday 30th Dec we'll headline the monster Mojo show at YYT Park, then I'll be emceeing and playing with members of the Matt Barker Project (Hog Barker? Matt Choker?) for the SRC Masquerade Ball. Our goal is to drink the free bar dry!!


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