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""This record is a spectacular, irreverent, brilliant, important, intentional mess. If you want to achieve Enlightenment while seriously jamming out – and if you don’t mind your hair being a bit wind-blown – let Hogchoker’s 2222 take you there," Shanghai Arts Review

"One of Shanghai’s most prolific and amorphous acts return with their ambitious wildly imaginative concept album - a multi-genre 22 release celebrating the birthdays of 22 historical characters who would celebrate their 100, 200 or 300th birthday this year," ChinaCNmusicReview

"Hogchoker is punk poetry, essential reading for the intellectual punk who wants to pogo into the pit with one hand punching the sky to the raucous rhythm, while the other flips through the communist manifesto... We fiercely recommend checking out the full album," Yack Magazine

“Tiger Lillies meet Gogol Bordello, from a garage viewpoint,” AnalogueTrash

“Upbeat, catchy and infectious blast of punk/rock/ska - it is bursting with energy, colour and infectious swaggering grooves as guitars stab amid a crash of drums and illuminating brass - a powerful jam,” Barry Gruff 

“Love the dirty and edgy soundscape and the energy is great,” FBP Music Publishing

"2222 mashes snarling contempt and disappointment with a magical faith in what is good and right and true. Genre-exploding, booty-shaking, and mind-expanding. We most certainly ain’t in Kansas anymore," Shanghai Arts Review

"Few bands have such an eclectic, crazy sound as Hogchoker. You can describe their style as theatrical, funky world punk, always socially aware and played with full dedication... This is 112 minutes of fascinating, surprising music, in which everyone should be able to find something to their taste. History has never been so much fun," Yack Magazine

"Love the playing! The great, jumpy verse and the power that you bring to the chorus. It almost sounds like the soundtrack to a 70s travel movie... Mighty attractive melodies and clever lyrics as well. Sounds like The Kinks play Eastern European traditional music,” Eduard Banulescu of Alt77


‘Shanghai’s most prolific and amorphous act returns - their most eclectic punk, ska, salsa, jazz, klezmer release so far. The gang is doing it up in style…Devilish good times await,” liveCNmusic

‘The most eclectic and entertaining set of songs you’ll hear this year… an album that’ll make your feet and mind leap around like crazy. Jackson is part genius, part madman… a danceable, shout-along, ska-jazz-punk vibe… schizophrenic, heart-pounding piano riffs… jazzy licks and perfect timing.

Very interesting, very cool - my head almost exploded!’ Add to Want List music blog

‘If theatrical punk ska pop with a euphoric jumping beat and slither of a dark underbelly is your thing, then this is your lucky day. A joyously macabre treat here,’ Liz Longden, Scotland on Sunday 

‘An irreverent, genre-bending world-journey across social issues... Hogchoker are brilliant,’ Mark Andrews, Smart Shanghai,

'Intricate guitar skills, passionate vocals and a shining light which takes you on a wild journey you can’t possibly forget. . The energy is electric and you can see why they were invited to Glastonbury and have played so many festivals all over China and Japan. This is the type of band that leaves you enthralled at the end of proceedings, just the way it should be. They are a fearless act who will have you in absolute awe,'

‘Amidst all this genre blending, bending and splicing, Hogchoker have managed to pull off a blinder... spookily dark in places, wild outbursts of fury in others, simultaneously so celebratory, so joyous, so perversely life affirming… frankly bloody fabulous,’ Shanghai Arts Review

‘Simon war der Sänger bei den ersten Liedern und zwischendurch gab es immer mal Einlagen mit dem Saxophon. Die Musik ist eher Punkrock würde ich sagen. Er war jedenfalls in seinem Element und hat auf der Bühne alles gegeben. Bei den späteren Liedern kam noch eine junge chinesische Sängerin mit knappem Outfit dazu!’ Nihao Shanghai blog 

‘Extraordinary, creative, original and fearless… Impressively bonkers!’ Norman Lamont, Habibi Records

‘This album's like taking a shot of tequila and chasing it with a double shot cup of espresso - make it a part of your morning routine,’ - Mei Wah, Graphic Artist

‘I was stunned. Some Gregarian chanting soon merged into ska/reggae/punk beats with the wonderfully gritty voice of Simon Jackson holding it all together. It was high energy poetry on meth… The feverish energy of the tune mesmerized the crowd who were bopping and moshing with pure joy…. Shake that Ass had everyone dancing with glee and of course shaking their asses. The manic energy and the wonderful voice of Siyan Lu was gripping the crowd… a fitting end to a magnificent show. The Hogchokers were a true delight to see live. I hope to be thoroughly disturbed by them again sometime soon,’ Shanghai Arts Review

‘Hogchoker - Backseat слушайте бесплатно онлайн через Музыку ВКонтакте в хорошем качестве,’ 

VK Music Blog

‘Simon is a mad genius! A totally free, creative spirit. Not many of them about,’ James Igoe, Out of the Bedroom

‘On ‘Hey! Snow White!’ punk rock slam-dances with swing-jazz, English clashes with Chinese, and a feminist fairytale princess sticks her Doc Martins into patriarchal narrative expectations,’ Emerging Indie Bands blog

‘You (Hogchoker) were so good we literally pissed our pants because we were going after you. And at that moment I was like, “Shit, I gotta be like them someday,”’ Alex, White Ink

‘The legendary Hogchoker... fantastic all round musicians… I personally remember being absolutely blown away first time I saw them last year,’ Steven Williams, Banjax

‘That show was legendary!! I loved the art, the message and the performance,’ Matt Barker Project

‘Hogchoker unleashes their sound like a panther being let out of cage. And like panthers in a city this size, they are impossible to predict. The variety of vocals on the LP add energy and enthusiasm, while include some surprising cameos from Reggae legends. This band gets the bar bouncing and this LP captures their infectious energy,’  Rabshakah Shakalaka, Friend or Foe

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