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"One of Shanghai’s most prolific and amorphous acts return with their ambitious wildly imaginative concept album - a multi-genre 22 release celebrating the birthdays of 22 historical characters who would celebrate their 100, 200 or 300th birthday this year" ChinaCNmusicReview

"This record is a spectacular, irreverent, brilliant, important, intentional mess. If you want to achieve Enlightenment while seriously jamming out – and if you don’t mind your hair being a bit wind-blown – let Hogchoker’s 2222 take you there" Shanghai Arts Review

"Hogchoker is punk poetry, essential reading for the intellectual punk who wants to pogo into the pit with one hand punching the sky to the raucous rhythm, while the other flips through the communist manifesto... We fiercely recommend checking out the full album," Yack Magazine

“An upbeat, catchy and infectious blast of punk/rock/ska - bursting with energy, colour and infectious, swaggering grooves as guitars stab amid a crash of drums and illuminating brass - a powerful jam,” Barry Gruff 

“Love the dirty and edgy soundscape and the energy is great,” FBP Music Publishing

"Love the playing! Mighty attractive melodies and clever lyrics as well. Like the Kinks play Eastern European traditional music,” Eduard Banulescu of Alt77

"2222 mashes snarling contempt and disappointment with a magical faith in what is good and right and true. Genre-exploding, booty-shaking, and mind-expanding. We most certainly ain’t in Kansas anymore," Shanghai Arts Review

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Listen to the full album on all major platforms or on BandCamp

Click on the Download button for the liner notes, lyrics, description and artwork for each of the 22 tracks.

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