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HOGCHOKER to start work with Bollywood producer on new musical

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

When Bollywood musical producer and composer, Sandeep Madhavan, approached Hogchoker to support his touring band, The Burning Deck, on their Chinese dates, we were delighted to join him. I didn't realise I'd also be joining his band as the sax player, or that it would be the beginning of creating a collaborative soundtrack for a Bollywood musical. We're currently sending ideas and samples back and forth and will start serious recording in the new year.

Sandeep is an amazingly innovative and talented musician to play with. He has recorded the soundtracks and musical scores for many Indian TV shows and films, including those below, and we can't wait to start our collaboration,

We're very excited about this and will post the first samples as they come along!


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