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New Hogchoker reviews on the excellent A&R Factory site

Check out this great review from the start of the month on the American website A&R Factory. Apparently: THRILLING SHANGHAI BAND HOGCHOKER ARE AT THEIR UNIQUE BEST ON ‘HEY! SNOW WHITE!’.

Check out the whole review, but here are a few extracts: ‘Hey! Snow White!‘ from the high-tempo Shanghai-based indie punk-jazz outfit Hogchoker, is a thoroughly vibe-filled new single full of intricate guitar skills, passionate vocals and a shining light which takes you on a wild journey you can’t possibly forget. With a pulsating soundscape that has the crowd in raptures from each second, you feel the sweat building up all over the speakers as they take us on a sensationally-soaked experience, that will have you in absolute awe.

A&R Factory have a great site with reviews of new and established bands and information about how to get on in the music industry. (The sort of thing I always think I should listen to but never quite do).

Check them out here:

And read the whole review below:


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